The territory of Officine Vitae is a terroir mosaic which extends through the municipalities of Marsala, Trapani, and Mazara del Vallo. The selected territories have an excellent vocation for viticulture. The perfect climate conditions of the Marsala area make the soil structure extremely rich and heterogeneous:

– in vineyards close to the sea, the salty marine microclimate avoids the development of molds and the ceaseless sea breeze favours the reduction of the summer heat eliminating the annoying humidity stagnations

– in the country vineyards the growth of the vineyards benefits from the presence of humus and calcium, which provide robustness to the fine red wines and aroma to the sophisticated white wines.

The Marsala area, due to the particular sunny but, at the same time, windy climate, has the ideal conditions for wine growing and the heavy winter rains and the significant summer large fluctuations in temperature allows the grapes to reach an optimal ripeness. A very special territory, with a unique variety of grapes in the world. The white grapes selected by the Officine Vitae team with the contribution and experience of the team of oenologists are Grillo and Catarratto, while the red grapes are the famous Nero d’Avola and the Syrah. Our production is concentrated almost exclusively on the typical and indigenous vineyards of the territory with a vocation to experimentation both open-air and in the cellar.