An history of unceasing product quality research

Telling the story of Officine Vitae means telling the path of a group of friends who stubbornly decided to embark on this enterprise. Not an easy path surely, characterised by the inevitable starting difficulties due to the complexities of a world, the winemaking world which is as difficult as fascinating.

The guiding light which led Officine Vitae at the end of the tunnel consists in the firm belief of the possibility to create a valuable product, a high quality product… a premium product.

So the endless study sessions, the analysis and tastings have led to choose native local vineyards, with ancient origins, setting up a variety of assorted products which may conquer even the finest palates.


Bio Wine – a guarantee of genuineness.

Due to the increasing consumer attention to the organic landscape, Officine Vitae could not resist giving its own contribution and therefore has decided to produce different natural wines, without additional sulphites. Producing organic wines means excluding chemical products in any phase of the production but, first of all, means quality of life and the rediscovery of fundamental value, such as genuineness, sincerity and tradition. Biological means oenological excellence, an authentic guarantee for the lovers of the great wines.