Passion for good wine and ambition of excellence

Officine Vitae stands as an absolute excellence within the Italian oenological landscape. The journey of Officine Vitae is long, tortuous and passionate, started by five friends, having a deeply different backgrounds but sharing an immense passion for quality wine.
Officine Vitae entails continuous dedication and expertise of our oenologists in the selection of grapes, in the supervision of the winemaking process, of the finished product and of the wine-ageing or sparkling making process.

The results consists in the production of fine red and white wines having inebriating scents and an instant and pleasant taste, as well as of an outstanding dessert aromatic and perfumed wine having an inimitable taste without forgetting the delicacy of the bubbles with their on-going and persistent perlage.

Officine Vitae is an enterprise aware of its strengths, aimed at tradition and believing that quality should never compromise. This concept connotes every single bottle of Officine Vitae wine in the Italian and global market.